Sunday 17 May 2015

Review of Never Marry a Politician by Sarah Waights - Five **

Review of Never Marry a Politician by Sarah Waights - Five **


‘Never, under any circumstances, marry a politician … ‘ 
In trying to be the model wife to Ralph, a fiercely ambitious politician, Emily has betrayed her heart and her principles. Once she was a promising journalist, but now reluctant domestic goddess is more her scene. 

When unexpected events lead to Ralph becoming a candidate for Prime Minster, Emily finds maintaining the fa├žade of picture-perfect family life an increasing struggle –especially when her romantic past comes back to haunt her in the form of tough-talking journalist, Matt Morley. 

Matt is highly skilled at ‘digging the dirt’ and, sure enough, Ralph has a sordid secret that is soon uncovered. In the aftermath of the discovery, will Emily finally find the courage to be true to herself, or is she stuck in the world of PR tactics and photo opportunities for good? 

Finalist in the 2014 Good Housekeeping Novel Writing Competition.


I deliberately waited until after the election to read this. Felt I couldn't any more political spin and fake promises!

I am so very glad I did. This is a lovely book and looks in depth at relationships, family, loyalty and unexpected support.

It was much deeper and far more complicated than I had anticipated. There were some very funny lines, some incredibly sad parts and the tension built nicely through the book. It's amazing what we will do for the sake of someone else - to the point of ceasing to exist as ourselves. And an eye opener about the huge machine that is PR!

Loved it and look forward to Sarah's next book.

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  1. Thanks so much for this lovely and insightful review. I am always happy to hear I have surpassed a reader's expectations re: depth and complexity. Life isn't simple. x