Saturday 12 December 2015

Review of Jessica's Christmas Kiss by Alison May - Five *


Real Christmas miracles only ever happen in the movies – don’t they? 

When Jessica was fifteen, she shared the perfect kiss with a mystery boy at a Christmas party. It might have only lasted a moment, and the boy might have disappeared shortly afterwards but, to Jessica, it was just a little bit magic. 

Fourteen years later, and Jessica is faced with a less than magical Christmas after uncovering her husband’s secret affair. And, whilst she wouldn’t admit it, she sometimes finds herself thinking about that perfect Christmas kiss, back when her life still seemed full of hope and possibility. 

But she never would have guessed that the boy she kissed in the kitchen all those years ago might still think about her too …


This is such a lovely novella! I've enjoyed all the books in the series, but I think this one is my favourite.

Lucas and Jessica meet in the kitchen of a party on Christmas Eve when they are 16 and 15 and Jessica receives her first ever kiss. The description of the scene, the awkwardness and the kiss were wonderful - I think it will take everyone to their first kiss!

The rest of the book is taken up with them meeting years later and how they both cope with each other's baggage - by which time there is plenty!

A happy ending or course, but now without a couple of false starts in the meantime! Loved it - and Lucas!

Thank you to Choc Lit and NetGalley for the ARC.

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