Thursday 2 June 2016

Review of Destination: India (The Lonely Hearts Travel Club, Book 2) by Katy Colins 
- Four **


Let yourself go…

Starting the Lonely hearts Travel Club was supposed to be the second chance that gave Georgia Green back her life. She thought it would be just like travelling, but the reality is far from rosy as she realises that starting a new business is definitely not a beach!
So when Georgia finds herself on an impromptu work trip to India she knows something’s got to give! Where has the girl gone who fought so hard to rebuild her life?
The land of Bollywood, gorgeous beaches and the Taj Mahal might just hold the key to Georgia finding her stride again… Only she is about to find out that when in India the country calls the shots – not you. But Georgia’s not going down that easy!
Join Georgia Green for her next big adventure in Bollywood!


We are back with Georgia and Ben as they run the Lonely Hearts Travel Club - which was started following Georgia's time in Thailand.

They've been running tours to India and, following a very negative review, Georgia decides to go on the tour herself, travelling undercover, to see if she can sort it out.

The people on the tour are a very mixed bunch but we come to know them and like them as their stories are revealed....with the exception of Chris, who keeps himself to himself.

When Georgia returns to Manchester further chaos ensues and the tension is really high! I'll say no more about that, but it was a very worrying time for me, a great fan of Georgia, Ben and the agency!

Lovely book and I felt as if I'd been to India too!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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