Sunday 2 October 2016

Review of the Belle Haven Unicorn series by Kathleen Phythian - 5**


To dreamers everywhere. 

To those who believe in magic and know how to allow your imagination to take you to wonderful lands where everything is possible. 

To a place where wizards sit with unicorns and grey herons and dangle their feet in the lake of charms listening to the mellifluous song of the phoenix bird, while the visiting cows cook picnic food on a griddle near the candy-floss tree. 

Just close by is the mystical grove in the magic forest where fairies guard a treasure trove and meditate for hours in their enchanted trees. 

If you are lucky you might get to see the caterpillars doing their nails and the ostrich putting on her lipstick, pink of course! Welcome to the enchanted world of life on Belles Haven.


I don't usually review children's books (my son is 25 and we are long past those days!) but when Kathleen asked me to look at her books, I happily accepted.

And I am so glad I did! I sat down and read the whole lot back to back! What an absolutely wonderful world she has created. The poetry is simple but beautiful - easily understood by children - and the drawings are sublime!

Belles Haven is the most magical place and the unicorns and the other creatures are adorable. I so wish this series had been around 20 years' ago!

Each book stands alone but I think any child would love the whole series as a real boost to reading/pre-reading. I'm going to buy them for a friend's daughter for Christmas - Ruby needs to be read!!

Thank you Kathleen for allowing me to dip into this magical world!

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