Friday 13 February 2015

Review of The Accidental New Yorker by Stephanie Wahlstrom - Four*


Paige Crawford, former accidental socialite, has managed to shed her Z-list celebrity status and pull her life into a semblance of normalcy. But more importantly, she's close to proving to her family and herself that she can make it on her own . . .

That is, until she's laid off from her job and left with no choice but to leave London behind for good.

She hops on a plane headed home to Canada, only to decide to give herself one more chance to make it before hers becomes a life of "I told you so's." So instead of walking onto her connecting flight, she leaves JFK Airport and steps into the wilds of New York City, where she soon learns her misadventures have only just begun.

And while she juggles writing a popular blog, locating a missing male model, and a sexy new boss who reminds her a little too much of home, Paige is about to learn that "making it" has nothing to do with where you end up, but everything to do with how you get there.

Sharp, witty and entertaining, Paige's adventures are perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond, Tracey Bloom, Sophie Ranald and Samantha Tonge.


I love New York and this book made me feel like getting on the next plane! It was a very funny book with larger than life characters. I know books like this aren't to everyone's taste, but I really enjoy them!
Paige is a very sympathetic character and a true lover of life and all it brings. Her adventures are sometimes very funny and sometimes very sad. She is very accident-prone (hence the title) and these accidents are very funny (the hair in the chilli was hysterical!)
Life doesn't always go her way but she makes the best of every opportunity - even when options disappear. Her friends and the men in her life are all strong characters in their own right .
The funniest scene in the book is Marcus' apartment with her, Marcus and her friend Carlos - I was crying with laughter!
I love the way Stephanie doesn't just concentrate on the bright lights and glitter of NYC. She also shows its dark side so the book has some contrast in it too.
All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was keen to see the outcome. I'll say no more about that though!

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