Thursday 23 July 2015

Review of Moving by Jenny Eclair - Five *


Edwina Spinner has lived in the same house for over fifty years. It used to be a busy, crowded family home but now Edwina lives alone and it has grown too big for her. She has decided to sell it.

The young estate agent who comes to value the house sees potential. Knock down a few walls, add a wet room. 'People like a project.' But as Edwina takes him from room to room, she is transported back to her old life as a young mother. Back to her first husband Ollie and their twins, James and Rowena. Back to lies and dark secrets and to a stepson whose name Edwina cannot even bear to speak aloud.

As Edwina's story unravels she is revealed as a complex and intriguing person. Not just the 'frail old lady' trapped in her dated house, but a woman who has lived an extraordinary life, full of love and tragedy. Why is she now so alone? What happened to Edwina's family all those years ago?

Moving - Jenny Eclair's fourth novel - reveals a writer at the height of her powers. Gripping, heart-breaking and laced with black humour, it is a novel of family secrets, shocking betrayals and most of all, of home.


Oh how I loved this book! Jenny Eclair has an amazing talent and this book showcases it perfectly!

I read it in two sessions. And it was one of those where I was desperate to know what happened but equally desperate for the book never to end! Following Edwina, Rowena, Charlie, Lucas and Fern was totally addictive. Having been at college myself in the 70s, I could identify with so much of it. 

The friends who crop up throughout the book are more than just additional characters. They are well thought out and essential to the plot. 

The revelations left me speechless at times and some of the descriptive narrative is sheer genius. This sentence is wonderful: The idea is to create an illusion of uniformity, as if they really could be sisters –a highly unlikely scenario considering their accents are still careering up and down the M4.

So sad I've finished it! It truly was....deeply....Moving!

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