Thursday 29 October 2015

Review of From Paris With Love This Christmas by Jules Wake - Five *


The gorgeous, Christmassy feel-good follow up to the Summer best-seller ‘From Italy With Love’.

Just until Christmas…

That’s what Paris socialite Siena Browne-Martin keeps telling herself. She’ll stay with her estranged sister, Laurie, just until Christmas. Running away from the chateaux to escape her hot-tempered fiancĂ© Yves’s wrath, may not have been the most rational decision. But Laurie had always said that Siena had a room at the cottage and right now she really needed it.

But arriving at the airport to be greeted by the grumpiest, most brooding—and dangerously gorgeous—man Siena has ever met, is not what she expected. And learning that Laurie isn’t living at the cottage anymore is even more of a surprise. Now Siena is stuck rooming with sullen Jason Landon, which is definitely not in the plan! Especially when his protective nature and quiet compassion threatens to ignite something in Siena that she never knew existed…

For Jason, Christmas can’t come soon enough. This pampered Parisian princess is the last person he wants to share his house with—he knows the destruction high-maintenance gold-diggers can cause and he’s never going there again. But Jason soon realises that there’s more to his unexpected house guest than meets the eye and suddenly Siena staying just until Christmas doesn’t seem like long enough…

This Christmas, fly to Paris with Siena and Jason and experience the magic of the holiday season in From Paris With Love This Christmas by dazzling contemporary romance author Jules Wake!


Jules is one of my favourite authors and I've been looking forward to reading this since I finished From Italy With Love! 

And I certainly wasn't disappointed. Siena's story is a wonderful tale and she is a feisty, vulnerable, confused young woman. Appearances can be deceptive and Jason misjudged her to start with but then begins to see the grit that makes up a lot of personality.

Jason is a hot, growling bear at the start of the book, but his understanding soon shines through.

It was lovely to catch up with Laurie and Cam and not so good to re-meet Mother! 

The trip to Paris was unexpected and I so enjoyed Siena showing Jason the sights. I love Paris and it made me want to hop on Eurostar! 

Now my fingers and toes are crossed for Will and Lisa's story next!

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