Friday 2 October 2015

Review of  A Home for Broken Hearts by Rowan Coleman - Five *


Is there a cure for a broken heart?

Once upon a time, Ellen Woods had her 'happily ever after' moment when she married her beloved Nick. But fifteen years later her husband's tragic death leaves her alone with their soon-to-become-a-teenager son and a mountain of debt. 

On the verge of losing the family home Ellen decides to rent out some rooms, and all too soon a whole host of characters enter her ordered but fragile existence – each with their own messy life in tow. But will this be enough to pull her out of her grief so she can learn to live – and love – again?


I LOVE Rowan Coleman and I LOVE her books! This was no exception. I still don't understand how Rowan can write about heart-breaking subjects and still have me laughing out loud! 

Ellen's husband has been killed in an accident and there was no money. Her super-efficient sister suggested she let her rooms out and the book is about Ellen and her tenants.

I was squirming in my seat at the misogynistic staff at the lads' mag and getting angrier by the minute! But Matt's increasing discomfort at the goings on was oil on troubled waters!

Ellen's recovery was so well described and I really felt for her. So glad a happy ending seemed on the cards for her. Her relationship with Allegra was wonderful and it was fun seeing them bounce ideas off each other. 

Hannah was a very unsympathetic character until the revelation and a nasty situation occur and then the dynamics of her relationship with Ellen changed dramatically.

Sabine was a wonderfully feisty character and her list had me in stitches!

As always, I LOVED this book too and can't wait for Rowan's next one!

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