Monday 28 December 2015

Review of Wish Upon a Christmas Cake by Darcie Boleyn - Five *


The most wonderful time of the year?
Katie Warham has just one wish this year…to have the best Christmas ever!
If only she could lock herself away in a cloud of flour and sugar at her cosy little tearoom, Crumbtious Cakes, instead of spending the festive season trapped with her judgemental mother, crazy Aunt Gina and loved-up celebrity brother Carl…
But Katie never expected her ex-boyfriend, widower Sam – and his two adorable children – to turn up on her doorstep. She didn’t think that any man could tempt her under the mistletoe this year, but Sam might just prove the exception! And as the snow begins to fall and Katie puts the final touches to her famous Christmas cake, she begins to wonder, could her Christmas wish actually come true?


I really enjoyed this book, even though I read it just after Christmas! I liked the fact that is was a love revisited, after changes in circumstances for Katie and Sam.

The romance was very well written. Katie has a flourishing business - does she really want to rekindle a love with Sam. Sam now has 2 children - does he really want his children to learn to love Katie, only for her to disappear? And can she cope with the ups and downs of Children (cue projectile vomiting)?

I loved that the book was set in Kent, near where I live. Just wish we could see some of the snow Darcie mentioned!

I only have one niggle with the book. And it's a purely personal niggle, so I haven't dropped a star. I get very frustrated with authors describing shirts and tops as, "crisp, white shirt", "crisp white blouse" or "plain white blouse". It is the 21st century! Not being agist, but when did anyone last wear a white blouse, crisp or otherwise? 1960? Most women wear a huge variety of tops, glamorous or comfortable (or, if you're lucky, both!) And most shirts tend to be softer now. 

Anyway - enough of my whingeing - the book was wonderful and I encourage you to read it!!

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