Thursday 5 May 2016

Review of Summer at the Cornish Cafe by Phillipa Ashley - Five **


One summer can change everything . . .
Recommended for readers who loved Summer at Shell Cottage, The Cornish House, Tremarnock and Poldark.
“Warm and funny and feel-good. The best sort of holiday read.” Katie Fforde
"Filled with warm and likeable characters. Great fun!" Jill Mansell
Demi doesn’t expect her summer in Cornwall to hold anything out of the ordinary. As a waitress, working all hours to make ends meet, washing dishes and serving ice creams seems to be as exciting as the holiday season is about to get.
That’s until she meets Cal Penwith. An outsider, like herself, Cal is persuaded to let Demi help him renovate his holiday resort, Kilhallon Park. Set above an idyllic Cornish cove, the once popular destination for tourists has now gone to rack and ruin. During the course of the Cornish summer, Demi makes new friends – and foes – as she helps the dashing and often infuriating Cal in his quest. Working side by side, the pair grow close, but Cal has complications in his past which make Demi wonder if he could ever truly be interested in her.
Demi realises that she has finally found a place she can call home. But as the summer draws to a close, and Demi’s own reputation as an up and coming cafĂ© owner starts to spread, she is faced with a tough decision . . .
A gorgeous story exploring new beginnings, new love and new opportunities, set against the stunning background of the Cornish coast. Phillipa Ashley has written a feisty, compelling heroine who leaps off the page and encourages you to live your summer to the full.
Recommended for readers who loved Summer at Shell Cottage, The Cornish House, Tremarnock and Poldark.


If you love Cornwall and romances set there, then you have come to the right place. This book has it all. Great characters, a hot man, a red-headed, independent woman, nasty neighbours (Mawgan is HORRIBLE!), thwarted love. a fabulous dog - and glorious Cornish scenery!

It is funny, sad, and absorbed me from the first paragraph. Following Cal and Demi as their relationship changed was great fun - they make a perfect couple - each only too aware of the other's faults - and not afraid to mention them!

There were some lovely twists to the story, which were unexpected, Polly really adds to the story and her life observations are very funny. And I thought there might be a serious "accident" on the roof! I also predict that the most read pages will feature a towel.

I've read all Phillipa's books and have never once been disappointed. This is yet another fantastic read and I can highly recommend it. If I gave more than 5*, I would! 

Roll on book 2 and the continuing tale of Cal and Demi!

I received an ARC in exchange of an honest review.

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  1. Why am I not surprised? Love Phillipa's writing and have already grabbed this! Fab review! Thanks for sharing, Ann! :) xx