Monday 28 November 2016

Review of The Camel's Dead by Timothy Conehead and Kathleen Phythian - Five **


This is a tale of a nine month old puppy who was discovered to be living in somebody's car as the owner could not control him. 
Timothy was taken on as an emergency foster by Kathleen who although had rescued many collies over the years has never had a puppy - until now! 
This is Timothy's Diary as he comes to live with her other collies Jack Laddie and Freya. His diaries are full of innuendo and he fondly talks about his 'sexy times' with Freya and anybody else who will entertain him. 
Life in Kathleen's House of correction is funny as the young boy manages to misunderstand almost everything he is told and he secretly posts his blogs on Facebook whenever he can.


This book proves that tears of sorrow and despair can turn into tears of laughter.

Timothy Conehead the Invincible tells us of his life before he was adopted by Mummy (Kathleen Phythian) and then his life after he moved in with her and her dogs.

Life was very strange - full of rules he didn't understand, behaviours that were beyond him, and, despite his desperate attempts to please Kathleen, Sir Lord Jack and the other dogs, his constant failures. Life was so complicated for a young pup - the others all had it sussed but, because he was so young, he just couldn't fathom it all out. This is the story of his successes (and the odd failure!)

He puts his confessions on his Facebook page and these have been collated into this book.

I loved reading about his sexy time, his misunderstanding of words, his descriptions of Sir Lord Jack, Laddie & Freya (especially Freya escaping into the fields!). I laughed and laughed, tears streaming down my cheeks.

He (and his mummy) have a wonderful way with words and his thoughts on being a typical young Border Collie are just wonderful.

I love you Timothy and am so glad you have such a fabulous life now (even with the scary see-saw).

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