Tuesday 31 March 2015

A Review of The Woman Who Fell in Love for a Week by Fiona Walker - Four **

A Review of The Woman Who Fell in Love for a Week by Fiona Walker - Four **


Jenny loves to house-sit, looking after a stranger's enviably perfect home and pretending to be someone else - just for a bit. Her latest booking is a beautiful, dishevelled old rectory in the Home Counties owned by the uber-successful Lewis family. Freed of teaching duties for the summer, and her own teenagers spending time with her objectionable ex, Jenny readies herself for a life of walk-in larders and sparkling water taps.

Battling to control the riotous family dog and stay cool in an unrelenting heat-wave, she discovers skeletons in the Lewis closet that further threaten to disrupt her idyll. But then a seductive new friendship offers her a surprise second chance: to open herself up to love again and to finally live life on her own terms.


I have read a couple of books by Fiona Walker and they are usually light hearted romps with slightly OTT characters. This is a very different kettle of fish. 

To start with, it seemed to be going the usual route with almost slap-stick comedy but once Euan appears, things get somewhat darker. It becomes a very emotional, almost tortuous book. The fact that it all takes place during a heatwave adds to the passion and sexual tension.

I felt sorry for poor Roger but he never really stood a chance once Jenny and Euan met. 

The ending was lovely and almost felt like a reward for the reader - having come through some heavy times with Jenny! 

All in all I think I preferred this more serious book - and Gunter was fabulous!

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