Thursday 20 August 2015

Review of The Summer We Loved by Wendy Lou Jones - Four *


Forgiving yourself can be the hardest task of all.

Dr Peter Florin is the sexy bad boy of St Steven’s hospital. Despite his love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude, every woman still wants him – and nurse Jenny White is no exception. For one night she thought she saw the real Pete, but ever since then he’s kept his distance and so she has kept hers…

Only Pete is a man haunted by a dark childhood and a tragic loss, and as she watches him spiral down into despair, Jenny realises she might be the only one who can drag him back. So she does – at the risk of her own, already bruised and battered heart. For no matter what she tells herself, such a man is surely impossible to change – and even more impossible to resist.

A brand new emotionally gripping love story from Wendy Lou Jones.


This is a sequel to By My Side but can be read equally well as a stand alone. I really enjoyed getting to know Peter Florin more and finding all about his troubled past. 
The start of the book is a bit of a shock, followed by another one a little way in. But then it continues in a warm and loving vein all the way through. Definitely a tale of how our pasts and minds can affect our behaviour and our memories.
Jenny is a lovely character - and I was rooting for her all the way through. Very down to earth but with her own troubles. 
Enjoyed the whole book and hope that Flis gets a book of her own as well!

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  1. Thanks for reading it, Annie. And first up on Amazon. :-)