Friday 3 April 2015

A review of The Wild One by Janet Gover - Five **

A review of The Wild One by Janet Gover - Five **


Can four wounded souls find love? 
Iraq war veteran Dan Mitchell once disobeyed an order – and it nearly destroyed him. Now a national park ranger in the Australian outback, he’s faced with another order he is unwilling to obey ... 

Photographer Rachel Quinn seeks out beauty in unlikely places. Her work comforted Dan in his darkest days. But Quinn knows darkness too – and Dan soon realises she needs his help as much as he needs hers. 

Carrie Bryant was a talented jockey until a racing accident broke her nerve. Now Dan and Quinn need her expertise, but can she face her fear? And could horse breeder, Justin Fraser, a man fighting to save his own heritage, be the man to help put that fear to rest? 

The wounds you can’t see are the hardest to heal...


I really want to visit Coorah Creek! The people there are wonderful and the characters in this book are prime examples. I love the way Janet always features two love stories which move at different speeds. Dan and Quinn have unresolved histories which threaten their happiness and Carrie has a real fear of the beautiful horses that she once loved so dearly. How these are resolved is the basis of the book and some of the history is explained early on, other tales are left until almost the end.

But the real stars of this novel are the brumbies. "What's a brumbie?" I hear you ask. No spoilers here - you'll have to read the book to find out ;)
I always finish one of Janet's novels wondering if I can afford a plane ticket to Australia - regrettably not yet. Maybe after the next one?

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