Saturday 19 September 2015

Review of  Survivor by Marissa Farrar - Four * (To be published 24/09/15)


Broke and fallen from grace after her billionaire father is convicted of embezzlement, ‘It Girl’, Charlie Charleston has little choice but to accept the offer her agent makes for her to appear in the reality television show, Celebrity Survivor. 

The thought of being stranded in the middle of nowhere without so much as a scrap of makeup, and all for the general public’s entertainment, scares the life out of her. Charlie hasn’t even so much as been camping before, never mind existed without any creature comforts, and with food she has to catch and kill herself. 

Upon being introduced to ex-marine and survival expert Tyler Janson, the man who will be guiding her through all matters to do with surviving in the wild, she wonders if things might have started looking up. 

The problem is Tyler seems to think she’s about as pointless as a pedicure, and nothing she does gets his attention. 

But when their plane goes down in the middle of nowhere, something Charlie is sure is a set-up by the producers of the show, she is determined to show Tyler Janson exactly what she’s made of. 


This is an amazing book! I started it yesterday, had to force myself to put it down last night, and finished it today!

It is a totally addictive read. Celebrity Charlie enters a reality TV show where she has to survive on a desert island surrounded by hidden cameras. She has a survival expert with her to help her - the very hot Tyler!

But the plans go awry in a very dramatic way and Charlie and Tyler find themselves alone on a deserted island. Charlie refuses to believe it isn't the planned island and we are left to draw our own conclusions for a few chapters. I actually felt thirsty reading about their dehydration and search for water!

The book follows their time on the island as they change and their attraction to each other becomes stronger. I loved the arguments, followed by the making up - very realistic.

The stress of their situation is treated sensibly and had my attention the whole time. No skimming paragraphs in this book!

Thank you to the author and THE Book Club on Facebook for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Amazon UK: Survivor
Amazon US: Survivor

Publication date: 24th September 2015

Special Price if ordered now: 99p/99c :)

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