Tuesday 15 September 2015

Review of Devoted in Death by J D Robb - Five *


It's a new year in New York city, and two star-crossed lovers have just discovered an insatiable appetite...for murder.

Lieutenant Eve Dallas has witnessed some grisly crimes in her career and she knows just how dark things can get on the streets. But when a much-loved musician is found dead, Eve soon realises that his murder is part of a horrifying killing spree, stretching right across the country.

Now the killers have reached New York, and they've found themselves another victim. Eve knows she only has a couple of days to save a young girl's life, and to stop the killers before their sadistic games escalate. Eve's husband Roarke is ready to put his brains and his considerable resources behind the search. But even as the couple works closely together, time is running out...


Was delighted to receive this ARC from NetGalley. I can't remember reading any J D Robb books, although I've read many Nora Roberts books! 

I know what a prolific writer she is and was a little concerned that I was coming into a long series at the end! But I needn't have worried. I soon picked up the romance thread between Eve and Roarke and it actually made me want to go back to the beginning to follow their relationship!

The book is predominantly a crime story. The fact that it was set in 2061 was very interesting - not too much different to now, but lots of human like robots and air borne cars! You really have to concentrate on the storyline as there are so many cops all doing different things and chopping and changing those things at the drop of a paragraph! It's not a mystery as we know from the word go who the criminals are. It is the story of the cops working it out from one body and a clue on that body. 

I was fascinated and found myself reading faster and faster as the book headed towards the final scenes.

Loved it! The woman is amazing!

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Amazon US: Devoted in Death

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