Sunday 4 January 2015

The Silent Tide by Rachel Hore - Review - Four *

Blurb: London, the present day: Emily Gordon has found her dream job, as an editor at a small publishing house. When the biography of a late great English novelist crosses her desk, she discovers, buried beneath the history, a story that simply has to be told…

London, 1948: Isabel Barber has barely arrived in the city when a chance meeting leads to a job offer, and a fascinating career beckons. But as she develops a close working relationship with a charismatic young debut novelist the professional soon becomes personal, and she finds herself fighting for her very survival…

A compelling and engrossing story of hidden lives and secret pasts from the best selling author of A Place of Secrets and A Gathering Storm.

I have to confess I rather galloped through the last couple of chapters. I just couldn't wait to find out what happened! After a slow start after the first chapter, for me, the book soon gathered momentum. The contrast between Isabel in the 50's and Emily in the present day was brilliantly done. Each chapter was headed so you always knew exactly where you were. Having been born in the 50's, it was very interesting to read about the attitudes back then and how we have changed just in my lifetime.

Life moved at a much slower pace and Rachel describes this perfectly. However, I felt that the present day also moved slowly and therefore the contrast wasn't as marked as it could have been.

The twist at the end was very unexpected, but I shall say no more - read it and enjoy it yourself! 

Available on Amazon UK in paperback and kindle: The Silent Tide

And Amazon US: The Silent Tide

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